Voices of a People's History
Voices of a People's History


Students at Maxine Greene High School for Imaginative Inquiry experiencing Voices curriculum.

Rosie Perez is one of the many guest artists/activists working with our education program at Maxine Greene High School for Imaginative Inquiry. We are very grateful to Rosie for imparting her wisdom about her life as an artist and activist, and giving our students feedback and advice on performing their final pieces.

“You don’t need to be involved in everything; it just takes ONE. My mentor told me to pick your cause, show up, and be an effective foot soldier. This way, when you get tired,  you won’t give up. If there is a true conviction, you will never give up. Eliminate your ego in the fight. You don’t fight so that you can be heard and seen. You fight so that the cause will be heard and seen.”

On Vito Russo’s “Why We Fight”:
Vito used the activist’s technique of offering a vision of a different future, a future without a pandemic. He used his words to give us a goal to achieve in the fight. Most importantly, he gave us hope to push on.