Voices of a People's History
Voices of a People's History


November 15, 2007

Rolling Stone
Joe Levy
In the November 15, 2007, issue of Rolling Stone, on page 177, under the heading “Inspiration,” Bruce Springsteen says:

“Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States had an enormous impact on me. It set me down in a place that I recognized and felt I had a claim to. It made me feel that I was a player in this moment in history, as we all are, and that this moment in history was mine, somehow, to do with whatever I could. It gave me a sense of myself in the context of this huge American experience and empowered me to feel that in my small way, I had something to say, I could do something. It made me feel a part of history, and gave me life as a participant.”

(Sidebar to Joe Levy interview with Bruce Springtseen.)