Voices of a People's History
Voices of a People's History


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  1. Get your event listed in free calendars in your community (and nationally if you are in a major city). Most local radio stations, TV stations, cable access channels, newspapers, weeklies, monthly magazines, community newsletters, and campus newspapers have easily available guidelines for how to submit an event for free listing in their calendar. Some venues then will have their featured picks or choices of the week, which can heavily boost turnout. Some ask that you send these listings in as much as 8 weeks in advance! So be sure to check out the policy for each paper. For a sample calendar listing announcement that you can adapt, see below for a sample you can download. Some venues prefer you fax them. Others require you mail them. Others want e-mail. Some have online forms you need to fill out. Be sure to assign a very responsible person to this task, who can send our calendar listings in several rounds (long lead, medium lead, and short lead outlets). See below for a sample calendar listing you can download.
  2. Record a “cart” announcing your event for broadcast on independent radio stations in your area. Many stations will help you record a short 30 or 60 second announcement they will broadcast throughout their programming in the weeks leading up to your performance. This is a great way to reach thousands of people. Have one of the cast members with a strong voice or someone well known on the station itself do the voice. See below for a sample cart you can download.
  3. Create an attractive, easy-to-read poster that you can send to your mailing list, post in theatres, union halls, churches, dorm rooms, coffee houses, community centers, and so on, to advertise your event. See below for a sample poster (flyer) you can download, along with logos you can insert in advertising and other promotional materials.
  4. Create a small handbill or postcard to hand out, mail, and leave out at key meeting places. See below for a sample postcard you can download.
  5. Create an e-mail with the key information that you can send to list-serves announcing your event. E-mail is a vital way to inform people about your performance(s). Fancy e-mails with images and colors often can’t be read properly by a number of e-mail program, though, so plain text is often the safest bet for mass e-mails. See below for a sample e-mail you can download.
  6. Ask local media to write about or file reports about your performance. Invite arts reporters, cultural reporters, people who cover arts and politics for independent media in the area, influential bloggers, and so on, and offer them a complimentary ticket. Generally the person writing your calendar listings and e-mail announcement can create a separate media release to mail, fax and e-mail to journalists about a week before the event (or earlier if you have a chance of getting coverage, not just a listing, for your event ahead of time). Personal follow up calls to journalists closer to the event are vital to generating strong coverage. See below for a sample media release you can download.
  7. Create a web page for your event and also set up a page for your event on MySpace, Facebook, and other social networking sites. Then ask all your friends to link in. You can also link to Voices Facebook and MySpace pages.
  8. Post our Voices animated banner ad, which can be downloaded below, on your web site and other related web sites (be sure to tell the webmaster to link the ad to http://www.peopleshistory.us — that is a separate step). You can also create a banner ad specifically for your event. Voices has a template that for $50 (per version) our design team can adapt to include the details of your event. Just email us the details of your request and the web site to which you want the ad to link. Payment is due at the time of the request.

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